5 Steps to Remove Candle Wax from Curtains

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Lighting up candles in the late evening helps in creating a romantic surrounding. Moreover, it is practical to use candles when the electricity is out. Unfortunately, candles leave melted wax. And, if you have placed a candle near your curtains, they are likely to be a victim of the wax.

Removing wax from curtains is not easy as you may rush to call professional curtain cleaners Sydney. However, you should know that removing wax from curtains is not that difficult. You can clean try wax removal and curtain cleaning Sydney in just 5 easy steps.

So, continue reading to find out how you can get a professional curtain cleaning Sydney-like results at home!

Let the Wax Dry

Allow your wax to dry. This is the best method of removing all the wax at once from the curtains. Control your instinct and let the wax dry to get the best result.

In case you touch the wax while it is hot and in a liquid state, you will end up spreading it even more. Moreover, touching hot wax with your bare hands is not recommended at all.

For quick drying, you can use ice cubes. Rub the ice cubes from the backside of the curtain stain and see the wax getting harder. Alternatively, consider placing the curtains in the refrigerator.

Scrape Off the Wax

After the wax dries, you need to scrape them off using a blunt knife. In case the wax layering is thick you can pull out the entire wax at once. However, in the case of extremely thin layers, using a blunt knife is best.

Scrape in the direction that is away from your body so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Furthermore, the use of a blunt knife is recommended so you don’t damage the curtains while removing wax.

For very delicate fabrics like silk, use a spoon or a credit card for removing wax.

Use Hot Iron

Just scraping the wax isn’t enough. Your curtains fibers still have some wax left on them. So, how do we get that out? Using hot iron is recommended for removing leftover wax from the curtains.

Bring an iron and set it on a low heat setting and put a brown paper or a towel on the stain. Gently press the towel or brown paper bag and check if some wax has transferred. You may need to replace the papers as the wax keeps coming off.

Make sure your iron is not on the steam setting. Moisture will prevent wax from sticking to the papers, so be careful. Alternatively, you can also use a blow dryer for the task if you don’t have access to a clothing iron.

Use Stain Remover

After you have successfully removed most of the wax from the curtains, it is time for spot treatment. Use any fabric stain remover for eliminating stains from the curtains. Further, this step becomes crucial if your candles are tinted.

You should place the curtains in the hot water. Make sure the water is hot enough to melt the wax. And, pour some stain remover on the curtain. Work your way from the boundary to the center of the stain.

Check if the stains are gone or not. Repeat the process till you get a satisfactory result.

Wash the Curtain

Now, that the stains are gone from the curtains, it is time to give a final wash to the fabrics for maximum satisfaction. You can wash your curtains in the washing machine or give them a gentle hand wash based on the fabric type.

Make sure to use hot water for cleaning your curtains. Use any mild detergent and spin the curtain on a gentle cycle. Use can use bleach if your curtains are white in color, else use color bleach for your curtains.

Avoid throwing your curtains in the dryer set on high heat. Spin them gently on low heat and get them out in just 30 seconds. Let the curtains dry naturally.

Final Words

This is how you can deal with a wax-stained curtain at home. Just let the wax dry, scrape it, and wash the curtain after treating the stain.

Feel free in hiring a professional curtain cleaning Sydney for effective results!