A quick guide to cleaning thermal-backed curtains

The popularity of thermal curtains is due to their two advantages. The thermal drapes can help keep the rooms warm during the winter by blocking the cold. On the contrary, it keeps the hot, muggy air of summer outdoors. To put it briefly, the thermally lined curtains are ideal as energy savers. To keep this sort of curtain clean and increase its beauty and lifespan as one uses it, one must be aware of the best procedures for cleaning thermal-backed curtains. We provide a step-by-step manual for curtain cleaning Sydney thermal-backed curtains in this article. Your thermal-backed curtain will appear brand new in just nine easy steps.


Why is it necessary to clean your thermal curtains?

Your drapes are exposed to atmospheric dirt, dust, and contaminants every day. Sadly, many people overlook their window coverings when performing regular housecleaning. Your drapes will suffer permanent damage as a result of this. The following reasons demonstrate the significance of routine professional curtain cleaning in Sydney:

  • Dust and allergens from the fabric of the curtains
  • Decreases health issues among residents
  • Successfully remove pet hair from curtains
  • Remove objects that aren’t wanted from the house.
  • Less chance of mould, mildew, and pest infestation
  • Prolongs the life of your curtains
  • Complete stain removal
  • Improves the appearance of your worn-out, torn curtains

How will you clean your thermal-backed curtains?

  • Check the manufacturers’ guide.

Without fail, you must refer the manufacturer’s guide on the corner of your drapery just like professional curtain cleaners Sydney. Even if you are completely knowledgeable about thermal-backed curtain fabric, consult our guide for thorough explanations. The label on your curtains has instructions that can be used to choose the best washing method, the amount of water to use, precautions to take when cleaning, and even how to dry them.

  • Extract dust using a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner should be used to remove dust from the surface. Dust extraction is easier when drapes are vacuumed while they are still hanging. Cleaning the curtain’s front and back of dust can be beneficial. It has to be done once a week. If you’re extremely busy, kindly use the vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains at least once every 15 days.

  • Take the curtain off the hooks.

Remove the thermal-backed curtains from the hooks and the curtain fabric from any curtain hardware before conducting curtain cleaning Sydney them.

  • Clean curtain fittings

Like your curtains, even their fittings, like hooks, hinges, and the rod, need to be well cleaned. To keep these fittings clean, you may either soak them in a detergent solution for a while or just wipe them off with a damp cloth.

  • Mix mild detergent powder and water.

Pour warm water into a bucket. The water should be sufficient to completely wet the curtain. Mix the water and mild detergent powder thoroughly. Ensure that the detergent is organic or, at the very least, toxin-free.

  • Immerse the thermal-backed curtain in water.

Immerse the thermal-backed drape in water. So that the filth and grime that have deeply penetrated the cloth may easily separate after rinsing, let it lie for at least an hour or two.

  • Water extraction.

Now, gently agitate the thermal-backed curtain with your hands and lightly squeeze and loosen the curtain fabric for the finest curtain cleaning. Please be careful not to bunch or distort the curtain, as this will cause the backing to separate from the front of the curtain. Be kind.

  • Rinse it with clean water.

Once finished, empty the bucket and fill it with fresh water. Repeat the removal and cleaning procedure until all the soapy water is gone, then rinse the curtain in clean water.

  • Let the thermal-backed curtain dry.

Experts use a dehumidifier for dry curtains during professional curtain cleaning in Sydney; however, you can dry them by simply hanging them. Dry your thermal-backed curtain by hanging it or running it through the washing machine after all the dirty, soapy water has been drained. Once the curtains have dried, you can reinstall them.

Cleaning thermal-backed curtains are identical to cleaning regular curtains. It is important to keep in mind that while cleaning, one must use caution. Keeping your window curtains clean and smelling fresh is just as important as keeping your furniture and other interior components in good condition. Connect with Curtain Cleaning Sydney‘s reputable and reasonably priced curtain cleaners in Sydney for a complete cleaning experience.