How to Keep Curtains in A Good Condition

Your curtains and drapes serve the same purpose of providing privacy, blocking light, and adding colors to your space. These beautiful and soft fabrics are expensive and you want them to stay in great condition and last for years.

But, how do keep their curtains in a good condition? In many households, curtains are often left out during general cleaning. However, just like all the other items in your house, you should also give importance to your curtains.

Here are some amazing tips you should follow for curtain cleaning Sydney, to keep them in great condition!

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Remove Dust Build up Regularly

Your curtains absorb a lot of pollutants both from inside and outside. Elements like dust, pollen, dander, oil droplets, smoke, and allergens remain trapped in the curtains. Over time, your curtains start looking dull and dirty.

You need to pay attention to your curtains by removing the regular dust build-up. All you need to do is use a vacuum cleaner for extracting dust from the curtain fabrics.

Alternatively, you can try shaking the curtains to brush off the dust particles trapped in the fabrics. Use a broom and dustpan for removing the fallen dirt.

Protect From Excessive Sunlight

Sunlight is effective in killing bacteria from your curtains. The heat helps quick drying of moisture that remains trapped in the curtains and also removes the odor. Then why do you need to protect your curtains from excessive sunlight?

Curtains that are bright in color can easily survive the heat of the sun. However, dark-colored curtains face discoloration issues. They may appear faded at some places which damages their overall beauty.

Wash Them Properly

There is a wide range of curtain fabrics available in the market. However, not all can be cleaned following one method. Curtains need to be cleaned differently, some require machine wash, and steam cleaning while some need dry cleaning Sydney.

For maintaining a good condition of curtains, you need to wash them properly by following the instructions mentioned on its labels. Avoid machine washing a curtain that requires dry cleaning. Furthermore, you should also follow the drying instructions, if the labels mention avoiding putting curtains in the dryer then dry them on the clothesline.

Make sure you follow the instruction from start to end, only then you can preserve your curtains for a long time. Feel free in contacting the manufacturer or hiring professionals for curtain cleaning Sydney.

Iron Them

After washing, your curtains often shrink and get wrinkled. And, the sight of wrinkled curtains can make your space look untidy and awful. You don’t want to leave a bad impression on your guests.

Therefore, make sure you iron your curtains after washing them. Set the temperature of the iron that is suitable for your curtains before ironing them. This adds a shine to your curtains making them look crisp and fresh.

Keep Them Away from Damp Walls

Damp walls or any other source of moisture can become the worst enemy of your curtains. Moisture can get soaked by the curtain fabrics and give rise to mold problems. And, curtain molds not only leave ugly stains but also affect your health and stink up your entire room.

Removing curtain molds at home is not easy. You need to hire professionals for curtain mould removal Sydney. Make sure you get rid of the moisture source before it’s too late.

Let Professionals Do it

Regular cleaning of your curtains is the key to its extended life. Furthermore, you should know that curtains require professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. Because nothing can beat the result of the professional curtain cleaning Sydney.

Make sure you hire the curtain cleaners Sydney, for taking care of your curtains. They use modern tools, equipment, and the right cleaning method for your curtains, which helps in boosting their durability and lifespan.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know the most effective tips that can help in keeping your curtains in great condition. Follow these tips and keep your curtains clean, shiny, and soft for a long time!

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