Curtain Cleaning Cost

Curtain Cleaning Cost

Curtain Cleaning Sydney offers you premium curtain cleaning services at affordable prices. You can reach us by contacting or writing us in order to get a

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Curtain Cleaning Sydney Cost

We are focussed to offer you with cleaning services without compromising on quality and at expedient costs. Ideally, the size of your window dressing is the basis of calculating the costs. Our prices are charged on a cost per square metre. Also, curtains vary in sizes, thus the cleaning rates also change. Although, we have made it easy for you to check the prices mentioned in the table in the below list.

Curtain Cleaning Sydney offers both onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services for their clients. We ensure that our final outcomes are satisfactory. Our cleaners make sure that all the stubborn stains and dirt from your curtains are fully eliminated. We analyse the type of fabric and then decide the methods and products accordingly before starting the cleaning process.

We may choose different cleaning methods such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning etc depending on the fabric condition. If you have selected onsite cleaning, our staff shall reach at your place with all the necessary equipment to perform the job. In cases of offsite cleaning, we pick the curtains from your place by removing them and then wash it and get them back to your place. Lastly, we install them back with care.

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To get the height, you can measure it from top to bottom whilst they are hung and for calculating the width, hold the bottom of the curtain and get it measured across the hem. The curtain linings need not be considered while taking the measurements. Lastly, get the final measurements by multiplying the height and width of the curtains.

Ensure that your curtain measurements are perfect, so you get an accurate quote for the same. Also, our costs may change considering the kind and style of your curtain.