How to Clean Cotton Drapes and Curtains

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Cotton curtains show spots and stains very easily. They’re also liable to shrink. As much as we love our cotton curtains, they are also liable to shrink very easily. Due to this, we need to take appropriate care of cotton curtains. Doing this will preserve their beauty, durability, and longevity. We recommend that you use expert curtain cleaners like Curtain Cleaning Sydney to deep clean your cotton curtains and drapes.

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What are the special characteristics of cotton curtains?

Cotton curtains have several special characteristics that make them a popular choice for window treatments. Here are some key features:

  • Natural Fibre: Cotton is a natural fibre derived from the cotton plant’s seed. This makes cotton curtains environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Breathability: Cotton is known for its breathability. Cotton curtains allow air circulation, helping to maintain a comfortable and well-ventilated environment in a room. This can be especially beneficial in hot and humid climates.
  • Softness and Comfort: Cotton has a soft and comfortable feel, making it a desirable fabric for curtains. Cotton curtains can add a touch of cosiness to a room and create a warm atmosphere.
  • Versatility: Cotton is a versatile fabric that can be easily dyed, allowing for a wide range of colours and patterns. This versatility makes it easy to find cotton curtains that complement various interior design styles.
  • Lightweight: Cotton curtains are generally lightweight, making them easy to handle and hang. This can be advantageous when opening and closing the curtains regularly.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cotton curtains are often easy to care for and maintain. Most cotton curtains can be machine washed or dry cleaned, making them a practical choice for households looking for low-maintenance window treatments.
  • Insulation: While not as insulating as some heavier fabrics, cotton curtains can still provide some insulation and help regulate the temperature in a room. They may contribute to keeping a room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Absorbency: Cotton has the ability to absorb moisture, which can be advantageous in rooms with higher humidity levels. However, excessive moisture absorption might lead to fabric deterioration over time, so it’s essential to maintain an appropriate indoor environment.
  • Natural Appearance: Cotton curtains often have a natural and timeless appearance, adding a classic and relaxed feel to a room. This makes them suitable for various decorating styles, from traditional to contemporary.

 How do I clean cotton curtains and drapes?

We describe below the appropriate cleaning methods for cotton curtains and drapes.

Read Care Labels:

Always check the care labels on the cotton fabric. They provide essential information about the recommended cleaning methods and any specific precautions to be taken.

Separate Colours:

Sort cotton fabrics by colour before washing. This helps prevent colour bleeding, especially with new or dark-coloured items.

Pre-treat Stains:

Pre-treat any stains before washing. Use a mild stain remover or spot-clean with a mixture of water and a small amount of detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric.

Use cold water.

Wash cotton fabrics in cold or lukewarm water to prevent shrinkage. Hot water may cause the fabric to shrink and the colours to fade.

Gentle Cycle:

Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. This is especially important for delicate cotton items like underwear, lingerie, or loosely woven fabrics.

Mild Detergent:

Use a mild detergent to clean cotton fabrics. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fibres and cause colours to fade. Avoid using bleach unless the care label specifically recommends it.

Avoid Overloading:

Do not overload the washing machine. Overloading can lead to inadequate cleaning and increased wear and tear on the fabric.

Skip fabric softeners:

While fabric softeners can make fabrics feel softer, they can also leave a residue on cotton fibres and reduce absorbency. Consider skipping fabric softeners, especially for items like towels and bed linens.

Air Dry or Low Heat:

Whenever possible, air-dry cotton fabrics to prevent shrinkage. If you use a dryer, use a low-heat setting to minimise the risk of shrinking and damage to the fabric.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Avoid drying cotton fabrics in direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can lead to the fading of colours.


If ironing is necessary, follow the fabric care instructions. Cotton typically requires a medium- to high-heat setting. Ironing while the fabric is still slightly damp can make the process easier and reduce the risk of damage.


Store clean cotton fabrics in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in plastic bags for an extended period, as this can trap moisture and lead to mildew.

By following these precautions, you can help maintain the quality and appearance of your cotton fabrics during the cleaning process.

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